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NMS Software

NetPOD EVO is the evolution of NetPOD NMS used by both Telecom and Broadcasting service providers for end-to-end telecommunication services as B/OSS environment. As B/OSS system, it supports modules such as Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Intelligent Event Processor (IEP), network inventory, service provisioning, network configuration, fault management and ticketing.


What we do

Technical expertise

ANT Group can start a project with a site-by-site technical expertise, checking for the best approach to interface and remote control a broadcasting network. 

System commissioning

ANT Group staff counts a number of specialized engineers, to solve any kind of installation. ANT Group can support and carry a complete installation all over the world.

Customer Support

ANT Group offers complete support for all kinds of problems, it also has a remote support with skilled and qualified technicians, both in situations of hardware and software problems.





ANT Group

25085 Via Giroli, 76

Gavardo (BS) - IT

+39 0365 34558

+39 0365 371960



NetPOD EVO is the Network Management system developed according to broadcaster and telecom provider needs; it increases the value of your management by simplifying diagnostics and providing operative statistics to all the organization levels


We manufacture remote monitoring and controlling equipment for the broadcast and environmental industries. Our products range from data collection front-ends, data communication media, data collection probes and monitors for broadcast signals all the way to very-low power devices.


ANT Group’s core business is providing reliability to broadcasting and utilities networks: that’s why we are 100% dedicated to customers satisfaction, from supplying uncompromised solutions to supporting customers worldwide.
ISO 9001 certification is part of this commitment.