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ANT Group’s core business is providing reliability to broadcasting and utilities networks: that’s why we are 100% dedicated to customers satisfaction, from supplying uncompromised solutions to supporting customers worldwide, with our own advanced networking and communication network. ISO 9001certification is part of this commitment.

Technical expertise
ANT Group can start a project with a site-by-site technical expertise, checking for the best approach to interface and remote control a broadcasting network. Even before starting a new project, we will ensure the feasibility, the connection media, and the correct approach to interface old, very old, new... in other words with any kind of equipment. This preliminary phase will take in account also economic convenience and technical requirements.

Design Support
Thanks to its highly qualified technical staff and counting on 35 years of experience on the field, ANT Group will deliver customer’s needs and expectations into a real project. We can suggest you the best solutions because remote control and data acquisition is our core business. ANT Group can supply turn keys projects and custom solutions, thanks to its electronic and software development engineers.

System commissioning
ANT Group staff counts a number of specialized engineers, already trained to solve any kind of installation. ANT Group can support and carry on complete installation all over the world, with English speaking engineers and technical people.

ANT Group trains customers engineers and managers at ANT Group headquarter and at the customer’s premises. Software maintenance and design, Hardware installation and support, live remote access to ANT resources and technical support: training focuses on all these aspects to make the system a real success.

Customer Support
Any equipment is sold with a 3 years warranty that covers any manufacturing defect or breakdown. Additional SW upgrades and maintenance plans can be purchased, to add even more value to your installation and indefinitely extend the time-limit of the installation. Our systems are running since 1988.

Functionality can be achieved with a minimum effort: this is the secret of modern technology.
And this is also the result of uninterrupted development, where research and design push the competitive edge of technology.
ANT's remote control system is the result of this philosophy: "Garda System" embeds in a single product state-of-the-art technology, advanced features and easy of use”

Diego Maioli

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