The IO HUB is our new generation Ethernet HUB GPIO module (GPIO “General Purpose Input/Output”) suitable for electrical devices control and monitor over the Internet. It connects a set of 8 SPDT relays, 8 analog inputs and 8 optically isolated digital inputs to Ethernet and make them available through the SNMP protocol. It also provides a dedicated input for temperature probes, a RS485 interface and a built in real time clock. It can be accessed locally or remotely via web browser for configuration.
The network parameters (IP address, gateway and mask) and other options (e.g. the maintenance mode) can be locally set by means of the built-in display and keyboard allowing an easy installation without the needs of a PC. Test operations are possible via the local user interface as the current value of all the inputs and outputs is shown on the display. Moreover, in maintenance mode, the status of each output relay can be manually forced. All the electrical connections are made by plug-in connectors for an easy installation and removal.


Analog Input n°8: 0-50Vdc in four selectable ranges, resolution 12 bit.
Digital Input n°8: Optically isolated. Activated by voltage (5-24Vdc) or dry contact.
Relays Output n°8: SPDT, 1A/50Vdc
PT100 input n°1: Three wires

I/O connectors

Communication: SNMP protocol
Alarms: SNMP Trap with programmable thresholds and polarity
Setup: Through Web page and SNMP
Software: Remote upgrade capability

Power Supply

POE: Class 0

Power can also be supplied through a power injector and a 12Vdc/0.5A power supply.


IO-HUB-24 GPIO HUB with 8+1 Analog IN, 8 Digital In, 8 Relays OUT

TC18 Temperature probe for IO-HUB24


Ethernet/POE: RJ45

TC18 Technical specification

Sesor type: PT100 / 3 wires
Temperaute Range
: -40 +80 °C
Cable lenght: 2m
Cable material
: Silicon
Probe housing: stainless steel