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Manage large data set from your broadcast network in real time and take action easily
NetPOD EVO is the Network Management system developed according to broadcaster and telecom provider needs; it increases the value of your management by simplifying diagnostics and providing operative statistics to all the organization levels
NetPOD EVO is scalable and thanks to a series of Plug-In Modules and features it can be customized to fit any network size and organization structure.
Any new network can start with a very basic and easy to use system and scale up to a very comprehensive and detailed system.
NetPOD EVO is at present supervising over 5000 installations around the world.
NetPOD EVO is simple and quick to configure, granting total control!

Don’t lose control!
NetPOD EVO is smart! … it features controlled logging of users, events storing, dispatches warnings to technicians, collects alarms, sets alarm hierarchy, local and remote automation, tools data analysis and reports, providing complete documentation of very event. The platform is planned to provide the maximum safety and privacy: also for providers that offer the management of the network in outsourcing or as a service.

A software module for every need
NetPOD EVO is a modular suite that can grow according to management requirements.
PIM “Plug-in modules” is the name of the additional software modules: they do not require additional installations, the activation key is embedded in the license.

Centralized client-server architecture
NetPOD Manager, the server that runs as a system service and gathers information from the remote sites.
NetPOD Supervisor, the client for the network management and supervision.
WebPOD, the web client allowing you to analyse your network with graphical data and user customized dashboards
iNetPOD, the mobile application for the network management and supervision.

  • Access to the information is controlled by multi-level authentication; access is set site by site, and user by user, granting complete safety.
  • Advanced instruments for data analysis and reporting
  • Maximum system configuration flexibility: it allows setup of control and monitoring instruments without needing qualified staff
  • Scalable from a few inputs to thousands of I/Os: easily upgradeable.
  • 24/7 running with real-time functions to dispatch alarms to the technicians via email, SMS, phone call: totally user customizable
  • Easy and fast configuration management through “.dev” file type allow to with export and import the configuration of in the system
  • Driver-free system! No drivers are need to integrate new devices into the system
  • Searching, configuration, updating and controlling devices made simple with an intuitive graphical interface
  • Monitoring made simple using hierarchical maps that can be customized, both in view and hierarchy
  • Shared notes with other users about operations on the network or on the equipment
  • Data export to MS Office™ Excel™ and CSV


  • Improve efficiency of your service level agreement (SLA) monitor
  • Predictive analytics to support and coordination of maintenance activities
  • Advanced and easy reports
  • Optimize both sites and equipment management and enhance problem solving thru the advanced analysis of statistics
  • Efficiently and rapidly manage the economics of your network, leaving the operators concentrated on the KPI while technicians take care of incidents
  • User-friendly dashboards and charming user interface
  • Power and reliability, designed by people that know what broadcasters want.

High ROI with high reliability and low maintenance effort!
Managing your network with NetPOD NMS is beneficial as well as being simple. The constant and continuous control of the whole network allows to have an efficiency never seen before, sparing time but even more important sparing money.

Values added features

An integral part of NetPOD is the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
NetPOD takes advantage of this functionality, interfacing with every type of machine and every type of brand without the need of specific drivers.
The configuration and control part is made easier than ever, starting from the complete management of the MIBs, up to the management of each individual OID contained in it.