ANT Group supplies all necessary installation accessories like antennas, brackets, cables, batteries, etc…


antennas antgroup

ANT Group has chosen a series of antennas for our remote control equipment. These antennas have great characteristics for harsh environments and heavy-duty work cycles.

GSM/ UMTS/ HDSPA 2, 3, 4G Antennas
GSM-A Magnetic base GSM antenna for 2 and 3G
GSM-AP Panel GSM antenna for 2 and 3G
GSM-AY4 Yagi antenna for 2, 3 and 4G (698-960 / 1710-2700 MHz)

UHF Antennas
K7516231 Omnidirectional collinear antenna (Kathrein) 5dBd, 435/470Mhz
T-DY06 Directional 6 elements antenna, 8dBd, 435/470Mhz



brackets antgroup

Fixing brackets, robust antennas in zincified steel, wide fixing support adaptable to angular profiles up to 85cm.

STFF35 Fixed antenna bracket 35cm, galvanized
STFR85 Adjustable antenna bracket, 50/85cm, galvanized



gsm kit antgroup


The kit contains the universal GSM modem and all cables and accessories you need to connect it to the NetPOD Manager Server at the control center.


  • Modem Wavecom Fastrack Supreme with 115/230VAC power supply
  • Antenna GSM Antenna (824÷960 1710÷1990 MHz) with modem adapter
  • Cable Modem cable– PC (RS232 Female)


batteries antgroup



BATT-1242C Gel battery 12V 42Ah with RDF cable
BATT-1242 Gel battery 12V 42Ah
BATT-127 Gel battery 12V 7,2Ah
BATT- 063 Spare Kit for MoRE: #2 x 6V 3.0Ah Gel battery
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