Dedicated racks

ANT dedicated rack mounts are designed to fit into the very crowded broadcasting sites environment: in just 1 rack unit height you can fit up to 3 Eurocard ANT slots, or 8 probe slots, or GSM modems or a mix of them. ANT dedicated rack mounts are the best solution to get a clean, safe and accessible cabling of your remote control system. Different rack mount models and structures are available to fit the large inventory of probes and interfaces of ANT catalog

probe rack
basic rack
modem rack






Functionality can be achieved with a minimum effort: this is the secret of modern technology.
And this is also the result of uninterrupted development, where research and design push the competitive edge of technology.
ANT's remote control system is the result of this philosophy: "Garda System" embeds in a single product state-of-the-art technology, advanced features and easy of use”

Diego Maioli

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