Modem Rack


probe rack
probe rack front

M-Rack is a very useful and user friendly enclosure designed to accommodate GSM modems. It has two main uses: in the control center to host the modems in charge of sending SMS alert messages to the maintenance technicians; in both the control center and the broadcasting sites to connect and exchange data between the NetPOD Manager SW and the remote RDF units.


  • Nr. 1 Eurocard slot for GSM modem
  • Nr. 1 RS232 port to connect a PC or a RDF.
  • Nr. 1 SMA connector for GSM antenna
  • Power supply: via modem RS-232 port


  • Nr. 2 Eurocard slot for GSM modem
  • Nr. 2 RS232 ports to connect a PC and/or a RDF
  • Nr. 2 SMA connector for GSM antenna
  • Power supply: 115-230V 50-60Hz


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