EnergyPod: Power Metering System

EnergyPOD is digital metering system that display and communicate major electrical parameters coming from power sources. To suit user requirements the range includes single-phase, three-phase four-wire capabilities. Total compliance with IEC 61036 standard, class 1.

The digital meters are available in a panel mounted enclosure with a display to show the electrical parameters including the true rms values, current, voltage, power factor, phase angle, active/reactive energy, and frequency values. The simple menu-driven interface offers the interface for settings, configuration of selected communication options and adjustment of operating parameters.

energy pod
energy pod b

• Class 1 accuracy in accordance with IEC 61036 standard
• LCD, backlight control
• fast installation
• single-phase & three phase
• phase pulse sequence detection
• power presence detection
• RS485 protocols: Modbus, RPTC

• compact design
• easy installation
• measurement accuracy
• remote monitoring

Measured Parameters
• System volts
• System current
• System active power
• System apparent power
• System reactive power
• Phase–neutral voltages (VL-N)
• Phase–phase voltages (VL-L)
• Phase–phase current
• Frequency (of voltage V1)
• Active power per phase
• Apparent power per phase
• Reactive power per phase
• Powerfactor (PF)
• Total active energy Wh
• Total reactive energy VArh
• Phase angle
• Mean and peak values
• Time and date
• Hours run

Technical specification
Nominal rated input voltage 50–500V ac L-L (30-300V L-N) 50/60Hz
Nominal input voltage burden < 2 VA
Nominal rated input current 0.25 – 6A ac rms
Nominal input current burden < 2 VA
System CT primary values 1-9999 A (secondary 5 A)
System VT primary values 1-9999 V (secondary 230V)

Voltage 0.5 % ± 1 digit
Current 0.5 % ± 1 digit
Frequency ± 0.1Hz
Power factor ± 3 digit
Active power (W) 1% ± 1 digit
Reactive power (var) 1 % ± 1 digit
Apparent power (VA) 1 % ± 1 digit
Active energy (Wh) Class 2
Reactive energy (varh) Class 3
Ambient temperature 20°C
Input frequency 50/60Hz
Input waveform Sinusoidal
Auxiliary supply voltage 230V
Auxiliary supply frequency 50/60Hz
Magnetic field of external origin Terrestrial flux.

IEC 61036 standard, class1

Sealing IP 40 DIN-rail
plastic modeled case. ABS+polycarbonate
alloy UL94-V0
Weight: 0.25 kg mounting

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