FM Monitoring Solution: easy monitoring and analyzing radio stations

Full remote control any brand to FM Monitoring thru NetPOD software. You can set any rules for scan frequency and analyzing using HTTP and SNMP protocols.
Stores the data in NetPOD so it can be fully managed with alarms and analysis in real-time and historical even more then years.
RDS information contained in the processed MPX signal is easily visualized and represented as RDS/RBDS Data and detailed RDS/RBDS Statistics.
The FM monitoring of any brand, can to be installed in an easy and quick way directly in your service area.
Thanks to its ease of installation, it is indicated also for monitoring specific areas even for short periods of time.
The measurements are viewable thru a web browser and also through all major mobile devices (IOS and Android) with the possibility to store and export data, make statistics, corrections and optimizations of the network.


fm solution


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