TEMP: Temperature Pick-up


TEMP is a wide range precision TEMPERATURE PICK-UP (-40 TO +110 °C) The ambient temperature converter probe has been designed to pick-up equipment, rack, interior and outdoor temperature and therefore it is an indispensable instrument to control the equipment end the broadcasting site itself. It is built inside a shielded brass container, ideal for transmission sites whit a high electromagnetic interference field. Installation is very simple: the probe is pre-calibrated.
No adjustments is required, the probe supplies a voltage in the 0 to 5 volts range, proportional o the measured temperature.
The temperature measurement range is wide enough to cover most difficult situations: -40C to +80 °C. The probe can be connected directly to the PBRACK container, or to the RDF input or to the DAM
expansion board.


Power requirement: 12V @ 30 mA
Temperature range: -40 ÷110 °C, max measured temp. 80°C
Output voltage: 0 ÷ 5 VDC (proportional to the input)
Precision: ±1 °C
Cable Length: 2 m


  • Length 98 mm
  • Outside Diameter 17 mm
  • Weight 50 gr


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