Protocol Bridge ANT 130C


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Protocol BRIDGE ANT 130C Eurocard format

An interface module between equipment with proprietary protocols and ANT’s RDF.
This module translates any known protocol on an RS232 or RS485 into the ANTLAN® protocol.


This module translates any known protocol to the ANTLAN protocol.
The device (transmitter) manufacturers protocols are usually passed to ANT which develops a driver (to be found on the website).
This driver is then downloaded to the device using a PC running the ANT tool utility (freely downloadable to our clients in the protected area). The next step is to map inputs and outputs.
Signals on the proprietary device side are mapped using a graphical interface, to the inputs of the RDF. In the same way, all outputs from the RDF are mapped to the signals of the device using the same utility.
Enables the user to connect equipment with RS232 or RS485 serial with proprietary protocols to ANT’s remote control units, reducing cabling. The protocol driver can be uploaded from the user and the number, type and mapping of I/Os in the RDF are programmable using a simple PC application. The result is an easy-to-use translating tool that has in addition the capability of eliminating undesired readings.


Hardware and comunication

  • RS232 or optically isolated RS485 on the device side
  • RS232 or RS485 on the ANTLAN side
  • field programmable, drivers can be downloaded via PC
  • Programmable communication parameters (speed etc)
  • Factory presets using dip switches
  • 1MBit of memory on board
  • 2 versions, eurocard and ‘ANT probe’ size
  • Native ANTLAN® protocol on RDF side any upon request


9 pin specially layed out for RS485 + RS232 functionalities. Modem signals present (DCD & DTR)

Power requirement

  • 12v ±5% / 60mA max


  • Device disconnection
  • power-up


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