Site concentrators

 MoRE is a UMTS/HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS Modem/Router Engine which can connect a large variety of Ethernet based equipment to the internet or intranet thru the built-in VPN + firewall.

MoRE, Advanced Modem/Router Engine for mobile data access
- Dual WAN connection for Load Balancing or Backup connectivity redundancy
- 2G-3G Modem provides flexible possibility of enterprise connectivity
- Internal or External battery to assure supply power in case of mains failure
- VPN + firewall capability for secure connections
- Local automations to manage equipment connected to MoRE
- Manages up to 256 analog + 256 contact closures + 256 relay outputs + many different probes thru SNMP

MoRE the heart of your connection-redundant secure network
MoRE Connectivity, MoRE Management, MoRE Reliability, MoRE expandability, MoRE automation

RDF is the leading data collection front-end of the Garda System.
On site the RDF polls the many inputs that can be connected; should any data be outside a user imposed setpoint, the RDF will immediately report to the control center.


Functionality can be achieved with a minimum effort: this is the secret of modern technology.
And this is also the result of uninterrupted development, where research and design push the competitive edge of technology.
ANT's remote control system is the result of this philosophy: "Garda System" embeds in a single product state-of-the-art technology, advanced features and easy of use”

Diego Maioli

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