MibPOD: The ANT's MIB Browser



MIB Browser: the easy SNMP development and control tool
To complete ANT SNMP suite, we have designed the MIB Browser, a development and control tool for everybody. The MIB Browser has been developed to ease SNMP protocol management: it is the ideal companion to read the MIB and to interact in real time with the equipment that supports SNMP. MIB Browser tool is very useful to: Technicians, that need, on site or at maintenance premises, to have an immediate look on the correct functioning of SNMP controlled equipment: practical and easy to use it is intended as a support during installation, configuration and when locally monitoring an equipment. Thanks to its user friendly approach, also non technical people can access SNMP information in a simple click.
Manufacturers, helping them design and test the SNMP interface. It handles MIB and Agent archives, it logs any SNMP event and it displays real-time received Traps: for an additional in deep verification, it has a direct pointer to the ASN code of the MIB.



Immediate use, without any configuration
- Mib and agent archives management
- SNMP events log
- Realtime display of received Traps
- SNMP errors diagnostic: tolerated error level user definable
- SNMP v1, v2c
- Pointer to the ASN source code of the MIB
- Economic
- User-friendly



  • Characteristics: CPU Pentium © 333 MHz or better, 128 MB RAM, 30 MB free HDD space
  • Operating system: from MS Windows 2000 Professional (SP1) to Windows Vista (x32 or x64) and Windows Server 2008 (x32 or x64)
  • Network: Ethernet 10/100 Mbps or 56Kbps modem1USB port required


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