DVBT-T2, ISDB-T Receiver

The DTMR T900 series is designed to monitor last generation digital terrestrial transmitters.
The very high quality down converter enables precision monitoring of all the RF parameters directly out of the transmitter or on the territory in order to verify if signal degradation is due to transmitter trouble or interference from other transmitters.


RF input: 174 - 900 MHz (+10 / -80 dBm)

Bandwidth: 6 / 7 / 8 MHz

ASI input: 1 x 75 Ohms on BNC 800 mV

ASI outputs: 2 x 75 Ohms on BNC 800 mV

10MHz input: min 1vPP from any GPS

1ppS: min 1vPP from any GPS

Video output: PAL 1vpp 75 Ohms on BNC

Audio outputs: L + R 2vpp 600 Ohms on RCA unbalanced


COFDM: Full compliance to ETSI EN 300 744 & EN 302 755 V 1.3.1 (DVB-T2/ T2-lite compliant)

Compliant with ETSI TS 102 733 (T2-MI)

Tunable frequency: III / IV /V / 6 / 7 / 8 MHz channels bandwidth

FFT size: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32K, All FEC modes

MPEG2-TS: provided on 2 ASI outputs at 270 Mbit/s bit rate & 1 ASI input according to EN 50083-9 standard

RF demodulation quality measurements and MPEG2-TS analysis according to TR 101 290

Internal Hardware: MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 AVC HD - decoder - PAL and audio outputs

Video / audio over IP with re-encoded video in order to occupy a very low return channel bandwidth


Communication: SNMP, HTTP, Telnet Protocol

Software: Remote upgrade capability

Alarms: Programmable thresholds for each measurement or analysis parameter

Cabinet: 19” rack, 1U, 350 mm depth

Operation temperature: 0 to +50 °C

Guaranteed specifications: +5 to +45 °C


Access to configuration data and analysis (results) with a large extractable LCD touch display

The extracted MPEG2-TS from the COFDM Front-End and / or from the ASI input is analyzed according to TR101 290

The elementary audio and video MPEG/AVC HD stream selected by the user is uncompressed and then the SD or HD video signal is converted from digital to analog and trans-coded down to PAL


Power Supply: 100 - 240 Vac, 47 - 60 Hz

Consumption: < 50 VA


The MPEG-TS signal to the analyzer and decoder con be fed from the front-end or the ASI input. The selected MPEG-TS signal from the frontend and the ASI input is available on 2 ASI outputs; one contains the RF TS and the other replicates the ASI input.


1.1 TS synch loss
1.2 Synch byte error
1.3 PAT Error
1.4 Continuity indicator Error
1.5 PMT Error
1.6 PIO Error


2.1 Error indicator to 1
2.2 CRC Error
2.3 PCR recurrence
2.4 Selected program(s) PCR precision
2.5 PTS Recurrence
2.6 CAT Error


3.1 NIT Error
3.2 SI repetition error
3.5 SDT Error
3.6 EIT Error
3.7 RST Error
3.8 TDT Error


The equipment provides continuous high-quality measurements for RF demodulation:

BER pre Viterbi
BER post Viterbi
MER 40dB ±1dB
RF input level ±1dB

Frequency offsets and carrier precision (±100Hz with internal ref, ±1Hz with external ref.)

Alarms & functionality

The equipment provides an alarm for each measurement:

  • Alarm thresholds con be set individually set on the front panel, 8 pre-defined alarms are displayed on LEDS
  • Alarm status con be accessed thru the extractable front panel display, web page, or thru SNMP
  • 4 relay outputs ore provided: the user con associate alarms to physical contact closures

Remote Control

  • Full remote control is available using HTTP and SNMP protocols
  • Compressed Audio/Video over IP for remote picture/content monitoring
  • An embedded web server available for browser based monitoring
  • Up to 16 channels can be programmed in round robin; the analyzer will check each channel in sequence and store the data so it can be recovered asynchronously

With the advanced features of an accurate and reliable instrument, the new version of the DTMR “SKY Watch” for the territory has been redesigned to be installed in an easy and quick way directly in your service area, without the need of power supply or an internet connection.
The unit delivered in a KIT installable without any physical connection; in fact, it is equipped with a solar panel and an internal modem for 2/3G/ UMTS connection
Thanks to its ease of installation, it is indicated also for monitoring specific areas even for short periods of time.
The measurements are viewable thru a web browser and also through all major mobile devices (IOS and Android) with the possibility to store and export data, make statistics, corrections and optimizations of the network.


DTMR-T980 DVB-T/T2 Monitoring Receiver - 42dB MER + HD/SD A/V decoder board

SKY900-T2 DVB-T/T2 Precision Territorial Monitoring Receiver