Audio Level Monitor

The PA4-SNMP is an audio level probe especially suited to be used as a “No Audio detector” in FM radiobroadcasting. It can measure the audio input level from 4 different sources. PA4-SNMP is easy and very quick to install. It does not require any power input connection because it’s powered through the LAN cable via PoE Measured values can be remotely read via SNMP or Web page and over/under thresholds conditions can trigger alarm traps. A web interface allows
an easy configuration of all the parameters as alarm thresholds and times. The device is contained in a small plastic housing suitable for din rail mounting. The audio input connectors are removable type screw connectors for an easy on field installation.

Technical specification

Level Range: 15 to 20dBm
Alarm level range: 15 to 20dBm software selectable
Alarm time range: 1 to 60 seconds software selectable


Audio input: 3.5 pitch screw connectors
Ethernet/POE: RJ45

Power can also be supplied through a power injector and a 48Vdc/0.5A power supply.


PA4-SNMP 4 channels Audio Level Monitor