RF Power Probe

The new probe RF-SNMP is the evolution of the ANT 131 Precision RF Power Probe. In addition to the precision that has always distinguished the ANT131 probe, RF-SNMP is easy and very quick to install.
It does not require any power input connection, in fact the new RF-SNMP is powered through the LAN cable via POE (Power over Ethernet) and all adjustments are performed via SNMP or web page.
Very high measurement precision and very wide dynamic range make this probe the best choice for transmission systems measurements both at the transmission and at the reception end. RF-SNMP is designed for precision measurement of analog as well as digitally modulated signals. The dynamic range is more than 50dB and its bandwidth is extremely high.


Power Range: -50 to +33dBm
Input type: Digital or analog signals (waveform and modulation independent)
Frequency Range: 10 MHz to 2,5 GHz
Attenuator: 0 to 31dB in 1 dB step (software selectable)
Precision: 1dB

I/O connectors

Communication: SNMP protocol
Alarms: SNMP Trap with programmable thresholds and polarity
Readings units: dBm, W or KW selectable
Setup: Through Web page and SNMP
Software: Remote upgrade capability

Power Supply

POE: Class 0

Power can also be supplied through a power injector and a 48Vdc/0.5A power supply.


RF input: BNC male
Ethernet/POE: RJ45


RF-SNMP RF Power Probe Meter 50MHz - 2GHz