IP- Connection Service

ANT Group offers a bidirectional satellite data transportation service (both upstream and downstream) with IP connections on private or shared networks in order to monitor, control and update site equipment remotely.
ANT Group can supply everything from simply the basic hardware and access + bandwidth all the way to managing your transmitter network completely. Satellites used are from major operators which guarantee a very high grade of service availability (SLA >99.5%).
The IP-CONNECT service from ANT Group has the goal to globally satisfy customer’s needs, from feasibility, to installation, to after-sales support. Communication solution design, with close attention to integration of existing infrastructure and preexisting technologies.
Supply of all equipment and accessories, from satellite dishes with or without de-icing down to all needed brackets and supports for transmission towers. Professional grade Installation of all devices with final test report Monitoring, maintenance, local and/or remote troubleshooting of eventual communication problems. On site intervention for physical maintenance on equipment.

Main advantages
- Service presence: everywhere
- Global service coverage, enables connectivity in vast service areas.
- Bandwidth can be selectively increased or decreased on terminals
- Rapid installations with immediate activation of service.
- Reliable, flexible, easy to operate.


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Functionality can be achieved with a minimum effort: this is the secret of modern technology.
And this is also the result of uninterrupted development, where research and design push the competitive edge of technology.
ANT's remote control system is the result of this philosophy: "Garda System" embeds in a single product state-of-the-art technology, advanced features and easy of use”

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