FLS 250/500

Fuel Level Sensor

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The FLS 250/500 is used to measure the level of liquids in a tank. It can be used to measure Diesel fuel level.The probe must be inserted in the tank so the built-in counterweight keeps it vertical and that the sensor touches the bottom of the tank. The ‘zero’ measurement should be 70mm from the bottom so that the residue at the bottom of the tank doesn’t interfere with the sensor.
A floating element inside the cylinder transfers the pressure thru the rislan tube to the electronics container on top.
Here the tank pressure is compared to the atmospheric pressure in order to have a precise reading. Hydrostatic pressure is a function of specific gravity. In the case the type of liquid changes,  calibration must be redone.



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Power supply

  • Voltage 8 to 15vcc
  • Current 10mA


  • Electronics container PVC
  • Pressure cylinder PVC
  • Insulation IP55


  • Working 0…60°C
  • Storage ‐25…+85°C

Type electronic

Measurement range

  • ANT‐LGP 250 0…0.25kPa
  • ANT‐LGP 500 0…0.50kPa

On full scale 1%

Output voltage
Range 0…5v(0.2…4.7vcc)



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