ANT Group is a leading global supplier of B/OSS solutions for the broadcasting industry.


Providing Reliable Broadcasting Solutions

With 35+ years of experience, we are dedicated to delivering uncompromising solutions backed by ISO9001-certified quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our expertise lies in end-to-end monitoring solutions that prioritize performance and align with the business goals of Telecom and broadcasting companies.


Innovation and R&D Excellence

Innovation is our driving force. Through extensive research and development, we create intelligent software applications that optimize services and decrease operational costs.

Unio, our cutting-edge microservices platform, enhances our flagship NetPOD EVO® NMS solution, offering unparalleled performance.

ANT Group is committed to pushing boundaries and providing innovative solutions for the broadcasting industry.


Partner of Choice in the Telecom and Broadcast Industry

ANT Group strives to be the preferred partner in all markets.

Our team guides broadcasters in implementing ideal solutions, integrating legacy and new equipment to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

We focus on customer-centric solutions, consolidating data for analysis and business intelligence.

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