The site data concentrator

MoRE SitePOD is the new unit for the control of remote transmission sites. It allows the on-site management of the equipment using SNMP as well as any other standard or proprietary protocol ( for example GPIO, RS232, RS485, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SOAP, REST, Corba, ModBus, WMI and many more...).

The SitePOD is the master at the site: it interface any equipment, in real-time so it allows to detect micro interruptions.

One of the major features is the local software named “SitePOD” that allows a more efficient distribution of the NMS workload installed at the NOC.

This will allow to use the data collected during the time of communication loss and making possible to generate statistics and accurate performances.
A user-friendly on-board dashboard allows an easy management of the devices on site. So the technicians doesn’t need to use any laptop or other PC to check locally the status of the site.


DHCP: automatic IP addressing in LAN network

NAP/PAT: IP address and port translation

Firewall: filtering of addresses, ports, protocols

VRRP: virtual backup router function

DynDNS client: access to the dynamic IP address

VLAN 802.1Q: virtual LAN

QoS: quality of service

PPPoE Bridge: PPP over Ethernet Bridge mode

Dial-in: communicate over dial CSD call

NTP client, NTP server: time synchronization


5.7” Touchscreen display

3G /LTE connection with VPN

Embedded audio codec

SNMP Local polling and data storage

Detect even temporary micro-interruptions

Internal UPS (with minimum 3 hours of battery back-up

Allows remote firmware upgrade for all Equipment

Accurate performance even with unstable connection

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Switch

Unlimited SNMP GPIs and GPOs

Modem features


Modulo: 4G (LTE) – Cat 4 up to 150 Mbps

Stato: Signal strength (RSSI), SINR, RSRP, RSRQ, EC/IO, RSCP Bytes I/R

PDN: Possibility to use different PDNs for multiple network access and services

SMS: Configuration and status through SMS


Open Vpn: Multiple clients and server can be running simultaneously, 12 encryption methods

IP Sec: KEv1, IKEv2, up to 4 tunnels, 5 encryption methods

PPTP, L2TP: Client/Server services can run simultaneously

Others: GRE, Stunnel, SSTP, ZeroTie


RF filter: Band pass filter

Antenna connector: SMA – 50 ohm


MORE-S MoRE with SitePOD


MORE-4G-S MoRE with SitePOD and 2G/3G/4G Modem/Router Equipment for IP Connection

MORE-4G-SP MoRE PoE with SitePOD and 2G/3G/4G Modem/Router Equipment for IP Connection