Unio Software

Umbrella management with the cutting-edge microservices based platform

“Unio” is an Esperanto word that means union: of people, of information, in our specific context of broadcast data. The deep meaning of this word has captured the concept of what ANT wants to achieve.

In fact, Unio, our cutting-edge microservices platform, enhances our flagship NetPOD EVO® NMS solution, offering unparalleled performance, dedicated to the systems integration, information convergence for business intelligence, statistical analysis, service management, data reporting related to broadcast services. It provides control, analysis, automation and reporting tools at any organizational levels for the end-to-end management of broadcast services.

Built with simplicity in mind first, on today’s most modern microservices cloud architecture and technology stack, Unio removes the complexity of diving into the broadcast data simplifying the root cause analysis and putting the business service at first. It can manage huge non correlated data in an easy way with interactive dashboards, drilldowns, collaboration, sharing giving the user the most fluid experience leveraging actionable insights from his natural daily workflow.


  • Umbrella management NMS
  • Cloud Architecture
  • High scalability
  • NMS Automation Engine
  • SLA & KPI Management
  • High flexibility to adapt to “business as usual” processes
  • Management of unrelated and heterogeneous data
  • Ability to acquire data from multiple broadcast ecosystems
  • High ability to adapt to different organizations and processes
  • Manage internal processes by encouraging interaction between people or departments

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