Basic Rack

ANT dedicated rack mounts are designed to fit into the very crowded broadcasting sites environment: in just 1 rack unit height you can fit up to 3 Eurocard ANT slots, or 8 probe slots, or GSM modems or a mix of them.

ANT dedicated rack mounts are the best solution to get a clean, safe and accessible cabling of your network management system. Different rack mount models and structures are available to fit the large inventory of probes and interfaces of ANT catalogue:

The Basic Rack mount has been designed to host, power and connect via RS485 any expansion module manufactured by ANT Group.
Modules are hot pluggable and unpluggable for the easiest installation and maintenance.
The power supply for the modules is carried by the ANT RS485 bus.


3 Eurocard slots for ANT modules

2 SUB-D 9 pin 485 BUS connectors to power and connect to the unit more equipment usingNTLAN® or RPTC protocol.

The unit can be connected in daisy-chained mode


BS-RACK Basic extension rack w/ RS485 connections

PW-RACK Powered extension rack for pick-ups, precision probes RS485