Modem Rack

ANT dedicated rack mounts are designed to fit into the very crowded broadcasting sites environment: in just 1 rack unit height you can fit up to 3 Eurocard ANT slots, or 8 probe slots, or GSM modems or a mix of them.

ANT dedicated rack mounts are the best solution to get a clean, safe and accessible cabling of your network management system. Different rack mount models and structures are available to fit the large inventory of probes and interfaces of ANT catalogue:

M-Rack is a very useful and user-friendly enclosure designed to accommodate GSM modems in control center.
M-Rack host the modems in charge of sending SMS alert messages to the maintenance technicians and the remote RDF units.


1 Eurocard slot for GSM modem

1 RS232 port to connect a PC or a RDF

1 SMA connector for GSM antenna

Power supply: via modem RS-232 port


M-RACK Basic rack for modem (modem not included)

MPW-RACK Powered rack for modem (modem not included)