Precision RF Power Probe

Is a very high performance monitor of the RF level. It can be compared to top class laboratory instruments, but in a very small package at very competitive cost. Very high measurement precision and very wide dynamic range make this probe the best choice for transmission systems measurements both at the transmission and at the reception end. ANT131 is designed for precision measurement of analog as well as digitally modulated signals. The dynamic range is more than 50dB (±1db) and its bandwidth is extremely high: using the fixed pads (3dB or 20dB) its measurement range can be shifted, so that both high power and low power can be correctly detected.

Furthermore, the measurement range can be compressed, in order to have a better reading; this is very useful when used at the reception end. Instant power can be read directly from the 7 segment displays on the front panel, and the unit can be programmed using a front panel pushbutton, and browsing into its menus. High precision reading is obtained using a 10bit A/D converter.

The probe can be used as a standalone alarm device thanks to an on-board alarm feature that can be programmed via the front panel pushbutton: an open collector contact closure will trigger at a settable alarm point, and will reopen at a programmed threshold.


Power Range: -50 ÷ +33 dBm (2 W Max) ±0.5 dB

Input type: Digital or analog signals (crest factor correction)

Frequency Range: ANT 131-L from 10 MHz to 1 GHz

Pads: 0 dB, 3 dB or 20 dB selectable


RF input: SMA Femal

Output: 9-Pole Male for real-time RS485 readings, alarm and 0 - 5 V linear output


Communication: ANTLAN®, RPTC, SNMP protocol

Readings units: dBm, W or kW, software selectable

Alarm: Local open collector closure, level and threshold software programmable via menu on the probe

Display: 7 segment digits on the probe


Supply voltage: 12 Vdc @ 160 mA Max.


ANT131- L Precision RF probe 10 -1000 MHz, 50dB dynamic range