The power metering system

The energy probe is digital metering system that display and communicate major electrical parameters coming from power sources. To suit user requirements the range includes single-phase, three-phase four-wire capabilities. Total compliance with IEC 61036 standard, class 1


The digital meters are available in a panel mounted enclosure with a display to show the electrical parameters including the true rms values, current, voltage, power factor, phase angle, active/reactive energy, and frequency values. The simple menu-driven interface offers the interface before settings, configuration of selected communication options and adjustment of operating parameters.


System volts

System current

System active power

System reactive power

Phase-neutral voltages (VL-N)

Phase current


Active power per phase

Reactive power per phase

Power factor (PF)

Total active energy Wh

Mean and peak values

Time and date

Hours run


IEC 61036 standard, class1

IP40 front panel, IP20 body

(EN 60715) plastic model case


Voltage 0.5 % ± 1 digit

Current 0.5 % ± 1 digit

Frequency ± 0.1Hz

Power factor ± 3 digit

Active power (W) 1% ± 1 digit

Reactive power (Var) 1 % ± 1 digit

Apparent power (VA) 1 % ± 1 digit

Active energy (Wh) Class 2

Reactive energy (VArh) Class 3

Ambient temperature 20°C

Input frequency 50/60Hz

Input waveform Sinusoidal

Auxiliary supply voltage 230V

Auxiliary supply frequency 50/60Hz

Magnetic field of external origin Terrestrial flux.


Nominal rated input voltage 50–500V ac L-L(30-300V L-N) 50/60Hz

Nominal input voltage burden < 2 VA

Nominal rated input current 0.25 – 6A ac rms

Nominal input current burden < 2 VA

System CT primary values 1-9999 A (secondary 5 A)

System VT primary values 1-9999 V (secondary 230V)


ENP-100 Energy probe three phases power metering system

ENP-200 Energy probe Three channel power meter / distributor