MibPod Software

MIB Browser: the easy SNMP development and control tool

MIB browser is an indispensable tool for engineers to manage SNMP enabled network devices and applications. Affordable and easy-to-use it allows everybody to load standard, proprietary MIBs, and even some mal-formed MIBs that can be checked for errors. It also allows to issue SNMP requests to retrieve agent's data or make changes to the agent configuration by SET. A built-in trap receiver can receive and process SNMP traps for debugging and analysis.

MIB Browser tool is very useful to:

  • Technicians that need, on site or at maintenance premises, to have an immediate look on the correct functioning of SNMP controlled equipment: practical and easy to use it is intended as a support during installation, configuration and when local monitoring an equipment. Thanks to its user-friendly approach, also non-technical people can access SNMP information at a simple click
  • Manufacturers, helping them designing and testing the SNMP interface. It handles MIB and Agent archives, it logs any SNMP event and it displays real-time received Traps: for an additional in deep verification, it has a direct pointer to the ASN code of the MIB for parsing purposes
  • Engineers can create its own database of agents and manage their configuration by SNMP easily: it is possible to create a set of SNMP configurations, store them and send them directly to the agents;


Immediate use, without any configuration

MIB and Agent archives management

Agent Tester: benchmark your agent to evaluate performance

SNMP events log and debugger

Realtime display of received Traps

SNMP errors diagnostic: tolerated error level user definable

SNMP v1, v2c, v3

Robust and powerful SMIv1/SMIv2 MIB parser

ASN source code viewer of the MIB with linked from MIB tree

Can manage SNMP agent configuration and apply to multiple Agent