ModPod Software

It is a Modbus to SNMP gateway that works as a Modbus master and SNMP server. A standalone software with the purpose to control Modbus RTU devices connected on serial or ethernet interface to SNMP by mapping Modbus registers to SNMP MIB variables each with a unique OID.

ModPOD sends requests to Modbus slaves and uses their replies to construct the SNMP responses: it also can generate SNMP traps based on Modbus register data and user defined thresholds.


Modbus to SNMP gateway converts Modbus registers to SNMP MIB variables

Modbus RTU RS485, RS232, RS422 Master

Supports Modbus discrete inputs, discrete outputs (latch or pulse), analog inputs, input registers, holding registers

Agent SNMP v1, v2c

SNMP Get/Set access to all data points

SNMP trap generation, user programmable criteria

No additional drivers needed