SMSGatePod Software

This module gives you the capacity to convert an SMS into an SNMP information.

It is a SMS to SNMP gateway that works as an intelligent message parser, so the incoming SMS text message can be processed and mapped into SNMP MIB variables each with a unique OID.

So, this standalone software gives you the capacity to convert an SMS into an SNMP information.

The system manages any phone number from which the SMS can come as a “virtual agent”. Thus, it takes the information inside the SMS from that specific phone number, parse the content into a SNMP messages and make it available on a “virtual” agent in its MIB.

The software can wait for the SMS from the remote modem or user can enable a polling procedure so the system can send an SMS for asking information cyclically. The send of commands to control the remote device depends on the device’s protocol: in that case the user can send an SNMP set to the device and this will be converted into an SMS to be send to the device for applying the command. The NMS can poll that agent on the specific OID for asking a specific information or wait for a SNMP trap to update the measurements.

The scenario is when the broadcaster needs to interface, monitor and collect data from legacy equipment which works only with SMS. The goal is to put under one system any equipment and collect data for alarm management, incident escalation and statistical purposes.


Compatible with any Windows OS platform

No additional driver needed

Serial RS232/USB modem management

Unlimited manageable phone numbers

SNMP Agent v1, v2c

Perpetual license base on the number of phones to manage

Integration of new protocols is a custom release parts of ANT Group’s services