NetPOD EVO - Key of Success


Central Inventory/Asset Management (CIMS)

  • Assets relational graph

Fault Management (FMS)

  • Escalation and Ticketing

Performance (PMS)

  • SLA Management

Incident Management (IMS)

  • Customizable workflows
  • Knowledge Base for Service Desk

Service Configuration Management (SCMS)

  • Change management
  • Request fulfilment

Intelligent Event Processor (IEP)

  • Alarm Correlation
  • Root Cause Analysis

Core Interactive Connectors (CIC)

  • SNMP, WMI, RS485, HTTP/XML, SOAP, REST, LDAP, IPFIX, NetFlow, …, proprietary protocols


  • Server Client application with HA (High Availability) architecture with both local and remote nodes: Redundant and distributed architecture
  • Web and desktop client based in a multi-tier software architecture
  • Built on ITIL best Practice
  • Geographical topology and Service navigation
  • User preference dashboard customization: multiple screens management for wall screens
  • Customer web portal for SLA verification
  • Northbound API available
  • Vendor independent: the system is driver free for an easy integration of new devices
  • Extensive user (access) management for grant permissions
  • Schedule automatic remote update of firmware devices


NetPod EVO provides several key benefits, from small networks with single technology, single user, low processing requirements up to high availability, geo redundancy and multi technology management scenarios.

It can drastically reduce operational costs and increase efficiency by delivering a real time end to end service provisioning along network infrastructure, allowing fast detection of network faults and QoS degradation.

  • Cost effective deployment
  • Reduced cost of operations
  • Intuitive GUI for easy management
  • Scalable architecture for future expansion
  • B/OSS functionality
  • End to end PTP (point to point) management
  • It can prevent business disruption
  • It can document performances and SLA
  • No impact on BAU processes and operation