Audio silence probe

Designed to monitor the audio presence (AM, FM, TV, DTV)

This tiny probe is built to signal audio silence. It has been designed to be connected to any brand of remote monitoring unit. The input embeds a user settable amplifier and accepts balanced and unbalanced audio from any audio source with a max dynamic range of 2vpp.

There are 2 outputs:

  • An analog output that translates the peak input signal to a voltage from 0 to 5 V
  • An open collector contact that closes to ground when an alarm occurs.

The only alarm situation is an audio silence after a user settable amount of time. The unit can be powered by a nominal 12 V source (9 - 18 Vdc).


The ANT159 ASP ha 2 LEDs that can assume 3 colours: red yellow and green. The 2 leds are:

Audio LED: That changes colour according to the Audio Level

Status LED: That changes colour according to the Audio Alarm condition


The time lapse between the detection of an audio fault and the triggering of an alarm is called the timeout.

There are 4 user settable pre-defined timeouts.


Audio Input Range: Input can accept balanced and unbalanced audio

Audio Input Connector: Female Wiedmueller connector

Output Voltage Range 0 - 5 Vdc: Proportional to audio input level

Alarm output: Open contact to

Output Connector: Standard 9 pin sub-D

Connector for: The installation can be done both on ANT’s probe rack or as a standalone unit.


Supply voltage: 9 - 18 Vdc @ 30 mA Max


ASP Audio silence probe