Data acquisition module

To expand the number of controlled parameters, RDF has a series of plug-in modules housed in dedicated rack units. Inputs and Outputs number can be expanded to manage an incredible amount of data:

  • Up to 256 analog inputs (8, 10, 12 or 16 bit resolution)
  • Up to 248 digital inputs (contact inputs on-off)
  • Up to 256 relays (digital output)
  • Up to 32 x 10bit resolution analog outputs.

They are configurable, both locally and remotely, and are programmable to generate alarms or run simple routines, called macros.
Furthermore, the I/O state can be read, both on site and remotely, at any time. There are two versions of dedicated rack mounts to host expansion modules:

  • PW-RACK, featuring an independent embedded power supply
  • BS-RACK, that uses power distributed via RS485

DAM/ANT104 module adds 8 analog or digital inputs plus 4 relay outputs. On board bridges allow to switch any input from analog to digital. Each circuit feature an embedded voltage converter to completely opt isolate external connections. All inputs have a common ground, galvanically isolated from the RS485 interface BUS.


Power Supply: VDC

Digital Inputs: Positive closure range: 3÷16V

Negative closure range: -12÷2V

Analog Inputs: LPF @ 500KHz

Input impedance: 22kW

Voltage Range: 0 ÷ 5V


Contact: NA - 24VDC @ 1A

Maximum Voltage allowed: 60VDC


DAM-A Expansion unit 8 analog IN and 4 Relay OUT

DAM-D Expansion unit 8 contact IN and 4 Relay OUT