SiteWatch is a monitoring system specially thought for remote sites equipped with an internet connection or any other kind of IP network.
It is made of a PC in the control room running the monitoring software Supervisor and of a variable number of remote devices.
Each device is able to detect the presence of people in the site: this event activates a local and a remote alarm towards a control centre.
The audio and video recording could be either local or remote and it is also possible to set up a bi- directional audio communication between the control centre and the site.

Each SiteWatch device is constituted by:

  • Local control unit: a dedicated card which supervises the working of each SiteWatch device. It allows the setting up and the storage of the various parameters of working, manages the alarm detection and the communication with the control centre
  • Command Server: it manages the communications via UDP protocol with the monitoring software, keeping the control centre updated on the device’s status
  • Video Server: it communicates via TCP/IP protocol with the monitoring software, sending pictures from the site and enabling a bidirectional audio link between the site and the control centre
  • Motion sensor: A PIR sensor able to detect motion within a range of 5m and an angle of 100° in every direction
  • Camera: A colour camera with a resolution of 582x512 pixel, 0.5Lux, lens 3.6mm which records the scene on demand
  • High intensity LED: 4 white high power LEDs that according to necessity light up the recording zone of the camera
  • Loudspeaker: A 2W loudspeaker that emits a buzz in case of motion detection by the PIR sensor. When the audio/video communication is enabled the loudspeaker can also diffuse the audio sent by the control centre
  • Microphone: it picks up the audio of the remote site and can send it to the control centre when the audio/video communication is enabled.

SiteWatch: Supervisor Software

SiteWatch Supervisor has the purpose to automate the management of a SiteWatch network with the ability to automatically record what is being observed by every single camera when any event detected
by the motion sensor occurs.

Easy to setup, it has 2 main layouts to show the whole network:
Multiview: a series of thumbnails arranged in a sliding table. A filter allows the user to select the locations by name or by active alarms.

Each thumbnail is automatically refreshed when the SiteWatch sends its status. A red border indicates an active alarm or rather an active recording.

Georeferenced: all locations are disposed in a Google™ Map automatically by their longitude and latitude. A red icon of the location indicates an active alarm or rather an active recording.
The user can talk with any operator near the SiteWatch as well as it can interact with it by enabling or disabling in remote a series of functionalities such as light, microphone and alarm.


SITEW-300 Sitewatch monitoring system

SITESW-100 Monitoring software sitewatch Supervisor