SitePod Software

SitePOD gateway software takes care of all the devices on the site: it can acquire, store, process and visualize data using the whole power available even recording events when it is not connected to the network and as soon as it is available, it sends the data back to the NOC to ensure precise and reliable statistics.

It’s designed when it’s necessary to monitor, supervise and control many remote facilities such as telecom/broadcast towers, high-throughput systems, pump stations, electrical transformers. A system based on edge servers introduces fully centralized control, easy upgrading and advanced change management for thousands of facilities.

The SitePOD software acts as main element of the distributed architecture of the NetPOD EVO platform: devices assigned, their monitoring configuration and all the control logics are created and carried out directly by the central NetPOD.

The whole monitoring phase takes place locally, SitePOD cyclically continues to poll the machines and then sends back to the NetPOD computed information in a quick and secure way.

SitePOD is embedded into the MoRE-S appliance but can also be provided to be installed on customer’s computers.


Compatible with any x64 Windows OS platform (embedded editions included)

Data normalization and data ingestion

Server communications using secure protocols

Device-side data buffering during the server disconnection

Managing "Remote Firmware Upgrades" of equipment

Traps Storage

Enhanced OID polling with local IEP intelligent event processor

Local automation to manage equipment connected

Managing unlimited GPl/O as well as many different probes through SNMP

Custom implementation of the device protocol is possible